I teach bioinformatics workflows, programing in R and Python, command line usage, statistics, and more.

My expertise covers a wide area but my main focuses are as follows:

  • Python, R, linux command line
  • RNAseq, single-cell RNAseq, spatial transcriptomics
  • ATAC, CHIPseq, cut-and-run, sn-ATACseq, single-cell multimodal
  • Making figures
  • pipeline building
  • statistics and various statistical tests
  • cellular biology
  • Illumina sequencing, Oxford nanopore sequencing, 10x genomics workflows
  • Computer hardware and server setup

If you are interested in something not on this list, still feel free to inquire and I can let you know!


Individuals: $80/hr
Group: 1-5 $60/hr X n_participants, 6-15 $40/hr X n_participants, >15 $30/hr X n_participants
-$5 if follower on Twitter or Youtube (per participant per hour)
-$15 if member on Youtube (per participant per hour)
(Note either of the above two in the additional info with your username)

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